°1968, Nieuwpoort


We didn’t found words,not even whispering. The things that once existed between these two people, this man and this woman, it does persist. It is a kind of listening between them to what is of priority. It is a custom that for centuries belongs to the world, but nevertheless flourishes more in the quiet cool of an olive tree, than in what we are used to call these days. What namely concerns them,sojourns, for them who really see, in nothing else than a particular way of intuit. What they show us, is first of all, an invitation to an inevitable look. Those who deserve an inside view into their images, expatiate on the drama às drama itself. It is, so to say, such as an African mother feels how live flows off her child. How the child dies in her womb. Riven by sorrow and despair, she get left. We remember the icon of the Pietà. But in the art of Reniere&Depla, such an image should in the mean time turn inside out. It should bring the Africa of our desire inside ourselves to life again.

Each drama that faces us on their way, appeals the mystic body in ourselves. Credo quia absurdum. This is what the art of Reniere&Depla does to us. These artists welcome the world as fugitive strangers. As Flemish-without-papers. More by touch than he who surely knows where the target is paved. It cannot be otherwise, they must have build a storehouse of shared memories. But where? I may say: in nothing else than in the ruins of what some call our Western civilisation. How their images sometimes touch the things in itselves to the point. Perhaps the expression ”to lay a finger on” should be the right term.Their art touches those who succeed to see. On the same time, their formation of the image skims narrowly along the open wounds of our political culture. Such as: the relics of the Great War, the powerless desolation of beauty, the fatality of Jewish harm in world history, how a landscape can look like just as abandoned as pregnant, the assumption of a family life in front of a destroyed house, say a home, but also that headstrong silence at mouth height, because ”in the beginning was the image”. (Joannes Késenne.)

Natasja Lefevre  


1996 <Lat.ornamentum, Wie is bang voor rood, geel, blauw?, Biekorffoyer, Brugge
1997 Stills are movies, Biekorffoyer, Brugge
1997/1998 Creatie.communicatie.creatie, De Bond, Brugge, CC Berchem, CC DeSpil, Roeselare (cat.)
1999 Terra Brughenis, Jan Garmijnzaal, Brugge (cat.)
2001 Provinciale Prijs voor Kunstambachten en Industriële Vormgeving van West-Vlaanderen 2000, Keramiek, CC de Schakel, Waregem en Stadhuis, Damme (cat.)
2001 Stimulans 01, Kapel van de Groeningeabdij, Kortrijk (cat.)
2001 Galerie Ludwine Fieux, Bissegem
2002/2003 Vierjaarlijkse Prijs voor Kunstambachten van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Provinciaal Hof, Brugge, Stedelijk Museum Ieper en Raadskelder, Sluis (NL), (cat.)
2003 Hallen Oud Stadhuis, Sint Truiden (werk van Bredense kunstenaars)
2003 Open Monumentendag, Oude Wasserij Dujardin, Kortemark (cat.)
2003 Art-loft, Ingelmunster
2003/2004 Galerie La bas, Kortrijk
2004 Geuzenhuis, Gent
2004 Tentoonstelling nabij de blauwe sluis
2004/2005 Galerie S & H De buck, Gent
2005 Vijfde salon van Oostendse kunstenaars, Feest- en Kultuurpaleis, Oostende
2005 Voorbij de grens, De Markten, Brussel
2005 Ventilatie(corpus 05), Sint-Janshospitaal, Brugge
2005 (R)Evolutie in de porseleinkast, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk
2005 Galerie S & H De Buck, Gent
2005/2006 Vierjaarlijkse Prijs voor Kunstambachten van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen, oude kerk Vichte & Venitiaanse gaanderijen, Oostende
2006 ‘het (on)volmaakte lichaam, monumental Bornem
2006 Raadskelder, sluis, Nederland
2007 Deelname aan de tentoonstelling “Miniaturen” in De Boekentoren te Gent met boek “Miniaturen.Gras dat verder groeit” van Jozef Deleu
Individuele tentoonstellingen

Onderscheidingen en prijzen
1999 Keramiek hedendaagse vormgeving:‘Terra Brughenis’, selectie (cat.)
2000 Provinciale Prijs voor Kunstambachten en Industriële vormgeving van West-Vlaanderen 2000, Keramiek, selectie (cat.)
2001 Stimulans 01, selectie & vermelding (cat.)
2002 Vierjaarlijkse Prijs voor Kunstambachten van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen 2001, tweede premie (cat.)
2005 Vierjaarlijkse Prijs voor Kunstambachten van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen 2005, selectie (cat.)
2006 werk aangekocht door museum van keramiek en design in Kortrijk

Lefevre Natasja



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